Highlights of ACSF in Vance Elementary

2013-14 Teachers Awarded Fellows Grants by ACSF: 

Norma Hawes, Denise Baylor, Effie Phillips, and Rockelle Hancock of Vance Elementary School were awarded $3,242.73 for Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing. This writing project will provide teacher members with new, up-to-date writing instruction/lessons which will impact the teaching of 85+ students. The new Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing: A Common Core Workshop Curriculum, embedded with professional development and Common Core Standards, will allow team members to collaborate to produce lesson mapping for the year, new writing rubrics or utilize rubrics provided to assess work. This assessment of student work will direct our instruction, remediation and provide for natural differentiation for students. This writing curriculum will allow for student success while experiencing many genres of writing into many content areas.

·         # of Students Directly Impacted: 85


Robyn Dowers, Susan Hale, Megan Sanchez, Gail Ward, and Dayle Keener of Vance Elementary School were awarded $4,323.64 for Kindergarten Literacy Stations. Kindergarten common core expectations are on the rise, with kids entering classrooms at varied levels of academic skills and social-emotional skills. The teachers’ time needs to be devoted to small group or individualized instruction. The free play time of the typical Kindergarten class is not as effective in meeting the academic standards and time is a limitation in the already tightly bound instructional day. Literacy stations will allow students to develop in their social skills, and nurture their intrinsic need to have choice in playful learning stations, while strengthening the academic skills that are necessary to meet the rising common core curriculum in reading and writing. Teachers will also be able to meet with guided reading groups and small skill-based groups during the partnership literacy stations to address specific needs while other students are engaged in learning. Through literacy stations, the rigor of classroom literacy will be increased in a developmentally appropriate way.

·         # of Students Directly Impacted: 88

·         # of Teachers Directly Impacted: 10


Rebecca Smith, Kimberly Eggett, and Anndrea Burns of Hall Fletcher, Claxton, and Vance Elementary, were awarded $3,000 for Enhancing Learning with iPads to understand how best to use technology to improve higher-level thinking skills and learning across grades and schools. 13 teachers were trained during the summer on highly-effective iPad applications, and in conjunction with an Innovation grant from the ACSF for $12,000, iPads have been deployed to Claxton First Grade and Vance Second Grade teams to create 1:1 learning environments. Across three grade-levels and schools, these instructional technology facilitators will compare student learning experiences and results to inform technology purchases and deployment going-forward in ACS.

·         # of Students Directly Impacted: 180

·         # of Teachers Directly Impacted: 13


Holly Sutter, Kristin Doe, Tina Robinson, Teah Hartman, Jo Landreth, and Ann Turner of Asheville High School, Vance Elementary, Claxton Elementary, and Asheville Middle School were awarded $5,000 for Supporting Differentiated Instruction through Professional Learning Communities. In effort to address continuity and consistency across the district with differentiated instruction and grading practices, this grant team will research, develop, and implement strategies and training opportunities for teachers at all schools. Best practices and information gained at the PLC Institute and from the various resources will assist in the development and implementation of training for differentiation, grading, and assessing student work through a newly designed facilitated book study, which will be delivered both online and in a face to face model. The work of this team will be available to teachers at each school so that all teachers can improve their practice with differentiated assessment and grading. The development of grading and assessment practices that are aligned with best practice and based on individual students needs and strengths will be one of the project outcomes.

·         # of Students Directly Impacted: 100

·         # of Teachers Directly Impacted: 6 


2013-14 Teachers Awarded Innovation Grants by ACSF: 

Laurie Joens, Dayle Keener, Pete Stapanowich, Kelley Lackey, Ximena Del-Coral Smith, and Stephanie Sharp of Vance Elementary have been awarded $3,000 for LLI Gold Kit. Through the attainment of the Gold LLI Kit, we would like to continue to serve our Tier II students in second through fifth grades with fidelity to the core, and an effective intervention program which support them through research-based methods, alignment with the core, and strong benchmarking of data to ensure the success of these students. This Gold Kit would be a resource that would continue to be utilized for many years to come. It addresses the Common Core standards and it targets a deeper level of knowledge and comprehension.

  •  # of Students Impacted: 60
  •  # of Teachers Impacted: 15


Denise Baylor of Vance Elementary has been awarded $825.82 for iTouch, iRead, iLearn. This is designed to give all readers, but especially ESL students and those reading below grade level, access to deeper, more print rich texts that they would not be able to encounter with their instructional reading leveled texts while helping to close the gap of the below level readers. Listening is a component of literacy that all students must master in order to be successful in independent reading, and by making listening to reading part of their daily literacy routine, they will learn what fluent reading with expression sounds like while focusing on the sounds of words read without interruption, how to make connections with a story, etc. The delivery method allows this center to be mobile, where classroom space is at a premium, but also uses their love of technology to engage them in learning.
  •  # of Students Impacted: 20-25
  •  # of Teachers Impacted: 1
Anndrea Burns, Lisa Hash, Greta Ciesla, and Annie Eason of Vance Elementary School have been awarded $6,000 for iPads Literacy Initiative. Our goal is to implement iPad literacy centers in each of our four second grade classrooms. Our RTI team identifies second grade as a crucial year for students to master a solid foundation in literacy skills. These stationary iPad literacy centers will support our efforts to close the literacy achievement gap through differentiated educational apps used in targeted remediation.
  • # of Students Impacted: 80
  • # of Teachers Impacted: 4


Ximena Del Corral Smith and Gabriela Dominguez Aragonez of Vance Elementary School have been awarded $300 for The SIOP Model: Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners. The SIOP Model is a scientifically-validated research model for improving the second language acquisition and academic achievement of English learners. The sheltered instructional practices are also recommended for native English speaking students who do not use Standard English or lack the academic background knowledge to be successful in the mainstream classroom. This project will establish a three year project of quarterly professional development trainings for mainstream teachers who will find this method beneficial in closing the achievement gap.
  •  # of Students Impacted: 180
  •  # of Teachers Impacted: 10