Your Schools & What You Do To Help Them

Hall Fletcher Elementary Teachers featured on Fund for Teachers newsletter!

Through the Asheville City Schools Foundation's programs and resources, you empower teachers by giving them the tools they need to inspire student achievement. 

You are fortunate to have extremely qualified and energized teachers who are dedicated to serving the children of our community. You have a responsive administrative team and a wealth of parent leaders. In spite of the many challenges we face, we are proud to be one of the best school districts in the state. You have achieved that ranking precisely because of our engaged and committed community who has joined together to support public education.


  • Over 4200 Students    
  • Nine Schools    
  • 45% of ACS Students Live In Poverty    
  • 50% Are Minorities


Effective teaching is one of the key factors in student success. The Asheville City Schools Foundation promotes research-based best practices in education through grants to district teachers. With this funding, teachers can pursue professional development, pay for materials for innovative classroom projects, invite professional teaching artists into their classrooms, and pursue creative strategies for promoting student success.

Learn more about our grant programs here

Ensuring equal opportunities and access to education for all students is central to the mission of the Asheville City Schools Foundation. Raising financial support for scholarships, funding of after school enrichment, emergency assistance for families, and our teacher grants programs from a broad spectrum of supporters is essential to our success.

Learn about giving opportunities through Donating, the Go Local Card, and Advocacy


Research shows that involved parents and community organizations can be the tipping point between a school system that thrives and one that struggles. Here in Asheville, we are fortunate to have a wealth of community resources to benefit our schools, from nonprofit organizations that provide after-school programming at our IRL (In Real Life) after-school program, to businesses in our Go Local network, to community volunteers who mentor and coach our students after school and serve nonprofits through VISTA AmeriCorps volunteer coordinators. The Asheville City Schools Foundation helps these individuals and groups engage with our students in meaningful ways and bring their many resources to bear for our students.


Public education is a vital part of our democracy and the only way to ensure a path out of poverty for many students. The Asheville City Schools Foundation raises awareness about issues surrounding public education in our community and our state. As a Local Education Fund (LEF), the Asheville City Schools Foundation seeks to collaborate and share information with other such local education funding organizations. 

Please join us in the effort of defending our public schools and advocating for our children, as the decisions made by the North Carolina legislature have a major impact on our community. We need each and every one of you to stay informed, be engaged, and be willing to take action. 
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